Spain Motorhome Rental Info and FAQs

How can I figure out the total cost of renting a motorhome?


The easiest way is to use the Booking Engine on our website, and make your selection. You will get a quotation and as you proceed through the Booking/Quotation process you will have the option to add any extra equipment like bedding or kitchen equipment if required. Quotations will be listed from the cheapest to the dearest vehicles available. Please note that these may be from different suppliers, so choose the vehicle that suits your requirements. Some Motorhomes will of course have a superior specification so take this into account when choosing your vehicle, cost may not always be the deciding factor.


Do I need to book a Motorhome early?


To avoid disappointment, we do recommend booking several months in advance of your holiday. This is because the Motorhome Rental business is not like the car rental business where there are no vehicle supply issues - Motorhomes are in much more limited supply than rental cars. Supply in high season is severly limited due to demand outstripping supply several times over.

Is it difficult to drive a Motorhome?


No, driving a motorhome is very similar to driving a car, and you will be comfortable with the vehicle after about 1 hours driving experience. When you pick up the Campervan, you will be given an orientation tour on how to operate the vehicle, including how to operate the water heater, and how to empty the toilet cartridge.


What type of fuel mileage can I expect from the motorhome?


Most Motorhomes in Spain and in the rest of Europe come with a Turbo Diesel engine so they are very fuel efficient. Fuel cost is not really a factor as they only consume 10-15 litres per 100 Kms depending on the vehicle size. Please check fuel costs in each country by doing a search on Google.


Do you have Motorhomes with automatic transmission?


There are very few Motorhomes with Automatic transmission. Generally this option it is found only on the larger 6/7 berth models.


What kind of power supply does a motorhome have?

All the built-in equipment on the vehicle runs on 12 Volts from the auxiliary battery. They also run on 220 Volts when the vehicle is plugged into an external power point.


You will only be able to run items such as hair-dryers, irons, etc. which require 220 Volts, when the vehicle is plugged into an external power point. The auxiliary battery will not power these items.


The refrigerator, heater, water heater, stove and range operate on propane gas. The dash air conditioner is powered by the engine while driving and other items by an outside 220V power supply.


Should you wish to power a laptop you should bring an inverter 12V to 220 Volts. You can buy these in an electrical shop they are only suitable for appliances which draw a small electrical load.


You can of course recharge the auxiliary battery by running the engine so the only limitation for camping in the wild is the amount of water you use. There generally is enough water stored in the tanks to last several days depending on usage.


How long does it take to pick up or drop back a Motorhome?


Please allow 1 to 2 hours for pickup procedures. You will need to be shown how to use the motorhome, and all paperwork will have to be processed.

If you are rushing to get a flight home please allow enough time as we cannot be held responsible if you miss your flight!

Where can I pick up a Motorhome in Spain?


As Motorhome / Campervan brokers we have several suppliers in Spain and you can choose your pick up and drop off location at our Quotation and Booking Engine. Simply choose your available pick up location; our software will then list which depot location you are allowed to drop back to.

If we do not have a location listed this means we have no service available and you should arrange transport to our nearest Campervan rental location.


What about Campgrounds?


Alan Rogers Campsite Guides - Camping and Caravanning in EuropeIf you are looking for information on Campgrounds, there really is only one place to go: Alan Rogers Campsite Guides, the experts in Camping in Europe. For over 40 years they have been inspecting and selecting the very best campsites in the UK, France, Spain, Italy and the rest of Europe.


The rental companies will also advise you when you collect your Motorhome and some will supply you with a book, but bear in mind it will almost certainly be in Spanish. Campground rates vary based upon time of year, facilities, and location. Based upon these criteria you can expect to pay between 15 € and 40 € per night.


You can of course also just do a search for campgrounds in Google.


Is it possible to camp in the wild?

Yes, but use your common sense! It will be fine in small villages but be careful leaving the Motorhome in dark car parks while you go out for dinner as there are always opportunistic burglars about. We really do not recommend it for security reasons.

Can I be picked up at the airport?


This service is only offered by some suppliers in Madrid - Barcelona- El Prat International Airport and Malaga; and is only available for clients who are coming in on a flight and can advise us of a flight number. There is an additional service provided at Girona and Reus airport and you will be collected at the airports and transferred to our depot in Barcelona. For all other locations in Spain, you must make your own way to the depot as these suppliers do not have the resources to offer any collection service. It is easy enough to get a taxi from most airports to the Motorhome depot.


I have tried to unsuccessfully to get a quotation on your booking engine?


Please read the message that is displayed when we cannot generate a quotation. There may be minimum rental periods, e.g. approximately 4 days in Winter Low Season and up to 7 - 14 days in High Season; this will depend on the supplier. You should also be aware that there may be a National Holiday - these are all listed when you get an error message.


There is no service on Sundays and all depots are closed; please pick up or drop back a day earlier as we cannot offer any service on Sundays.


The times you quote for depot opening or closing times are not suitable to us ?


Please check the drop down box when you get a quotation as all the depot times are listed there that are available. If your flight arrives late at night, we strongly advise that you stay in a hotel for the night and collect the next morning. Also if you have an early morning flight when leaving, you should drop back the Motorhome the day before, as we cannot offer an early morning service.


Can I do a one way trip with a Motorhome in Spain?


In most cases this is not possible. We do offer a one-way service between Barcelona, Malaga and Barcelona, but there is a minimum duration requirement of 7 days rental between these bases. The applicable one way charge will be calculated and included in your quotation. It is, of course, going to be cheaper if you pick up and drop back to the same depot.


What driving license is required to use a Campervan/RV in Spain?


A national driving license is sufficient; this would be normally a class B license. For any licenses that are not in Roman script you should bring an International driving license as well as your national license - you will require both licenses.


Do Motorhomes have air conditioning?


Motorhome generally only have air conditioning in the drivers cab. Some large models such as 6/7 berth Campervans have air conditioning in the rear of the vehicle. Please note that this can only be used when you have 220/240 volts supplied from the mains eg in a campground. The reason is that there is a large electricity load requirement.


Is there a minimum age requirement to drive a Motorhome / RV in Spain?


Please check the terms and conditions but for most suppliers it is 25 years of age minimum and the license must have been issued for 2 years before rental date. This is a requirement from the insurance companies so we cannot compromise on this requirement. There is one supplier in Madrid only that can take a 24 year old driving license holder with a clean license for over 2 years upon supplier permission.


What age are your Motorhomes?


Generally speaking our suppliers change their vehicles on a regular basis, usually renewing half their fleet every year, so most supplier vehicles are 2 years of age or younger.


What is included in our rental rate?


When you get a quotation online you will find these details by either clicking on the terms and conditions or clicking on the vehicle photograph.

Generally speaking the rental rate will include:


Taxes e.g. Value Added Tax

Unlimited mileage

Fully comprehensive insurance with waiver. The waiver is normally Euro 700 to Euro 750; see terms and conditions for each rental quotation.

International 24 hour roadside assistance. Customer Service from10:00 to 14:00, and 16:00 to 20:00.


Can I travel outside of Spain?


Travelling within all of European countries is allowed including Switzerland.

NB: you will need to inform the supplier of your itinerary if you plan on crossing borders in order to get the suppliers permission!


Can I travel to Morocco ?


This is possible with only one supplier in Madrid. Most other supplier will not allow this due to Insurance restrictions.

It is possible to travel to Morocco and the Occidental part of Turkey with the prior agreement of this supplier and at an extra cost.

NB: you will need to inform the supplier of your itinerary if you plan on crossing borders in order to get the suppliers permission!


Do I have to go into Campgrounds to replace water, drain tanks, dump garbage, etc.


No. You can replace water at most petrol stations within Spain. You can drain the WC and Waste Water tanks wherever there is sewerage processing. You can dump garbage into the recycling bins, try to find the recycling station into the towns (to dump glasses, paper, etc.).


What facilities will I find at campgrounds?


Campground facilities vary greatly dependant on many factors, however a partial list of facilities commonly found at many campgrounds would include: electric and water, washing machines and dryers, swimming pools, recreation rooms, playgrounds, and on-site convenience stores.


How much can I expect to pay per night for a campsite?


Campground rates vary based upon time of year, facilities, and location. Based upon these criteria you can expect to pay between 15 € and 40 € per night.


Is it necessary to make reservations for campsites at campgrounds?


In some seasons and at some locations it may be necessary to make advance reservations. This is especially true during high season travel and at very popular tourist destinations